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india-visa-intl-visa INDIA Business Visa Requirements Please send the following documents: 1. Your original valid signed passport. It must have two blank visa pages facing each other and more than six months before expiry. 2. One completed India visa questionnaire. Note: Due to the complexity of the online Indian Visa Application. 3. Two passport-style (2"x2") photographs taken within the last 6 months, on photo paper and with a plain white background. Do not wear glasses in the photo. 4. Copy of a valid driver´s license or utility bill showing your home street address (no P.O. Boxes) as listed on your application. 5. Copy of flight itinerary. 6. A business letter from your U.S. Company. This letter must explain the purpose of the trip and provide a financial guarantee, and specify the visa duration that is requested. It must be on letterhead and have an original ink signature of a representative of the company other than the applicant. 7. A letter of invitation from the company to be visited in India, plus a copy of the company’s official Letter of Incorporation. The invitation must be on company letterhead and signed by a representative of the company, and should include the applicant’s name and the name, address, telephone number and email for a contact person at the overseas company. The requested visa duration and number of entries must be specified. Faxed or scanned copies are accepted. 8. If your name has legally changed, submit a copy of the name change document (such as marriage certificate or court order.) Note: NON-US CITIZENS and former Indian citizens must email for additional information and requirements before sending in their requests. Non-US citizens may be subject to higher consular fees than US citizens.  Note: Non-US citizens may have their processing times extended up to two weeks depending on nationality. Business visas are available only to US Citizens and Permanent Residents (ARC holders). Non-US citizens who do not have Permanent Resident status may apply for tourist visas in the US, or can apply for a business visa in their country of citizenship.
Entries Validity Processing Time Fee
Multiple 10 Years 6-7 business day $450