REQUIREMENTS FOR USA PASSPORT usa-passport Step : Collect & Put Together The Documents For A New U.S. Passport. Fill the DS-11 Application online. Note:
  • Do not sign this application form until you are instructed to during Authorization.
  • Important: When you`re done, click the Link that says "create form".
  • Once printed there should be Two (2) barcodes on the page labeled Page 1 of 2.
Evidence of Citizenship - At least ONE of the following must be provided.
  • Previous U.S. Passport (if it’s more than 15 years old).
  • Birth Certificate duly certified & issued by state, county or city.
  • Certificate of Citizenship or FS-240, DS-1350.
  • Certificate of Naturalization.
Evidence of Individuality.
  • A valid driver license (with recent photos on it).
Evidence of Urgent Tour - provide 02 copies of ONE of the following.
  • Copy of round trip travel document indicating travel to an overseas country.
  • Traveling schedule stating reserved or confirmed.
  • Business travelers could also submit a Business Letter of Expedite, if the above is not available.
Passport Photographs - taken by a professional.
  • Obtain 2 Passport size photographs in color, front view and with a plain or light color background taken by the professional.

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